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How to choose (and book) your perfect pet minder

When it comes to your fur babies, you should be fussy about who you entrust their care to. They are a big part of your family, and when you can't be with them, you want them to be with a carer they are comfortable (and settled) with.

And if you're inviting your pet minder into your home to feed your pets, walk them or keep them company, you also need to have trust in them.

Pet minders can offer various services, from home visits, walking and feeding to in-home care (at your house or the minder's house).

If you need your pet to stay at the pet minder's house, ask about the other animals they have in care and see if your fur baby will feel at ease. Sometimes, a pet minder may have multiple animals at once, and your beloved fur baby may find it overwhelming (especially if they're not great in social situations).

The top 10 questions to ask your pet minder to check their suitability

When meeting a pet minder for the first time, ask them: 'Do you…'

  1. Hold any qualification in animal care

  2. Know first aid for animals (to look after your pet in an emergency)

  3. Have experience in animal care (how long have they been a carer, what animals do they have)

  4. Have insurance to cover my pet in your care

  5. Volunteer at any animal shelters

  6. Offer extra services like house sitting (mail collection, plant watering etc.)

  7. Offer house visits only, or can you stay at my house with my animals

  8. Offer pet transport so you can take my pet to their vet or grooming appointments while I'm unavailable

  9. Take photos of my pet while they're in your care, or send updates on how they're going while I'm away

  10. Clean up any messes my pet may have made while I'm away (no one wants to come home to a full litter tray or back door surprises!

Now you can easily book your pet minding service online!

I'm thrilled to let you know that you can now easily (and quickly) book your preferred pet minding service online.

If I haven't met you or your pet, please select the 'Meet and Greet' option first. You and your fur baby must be comfortable with me before you choose me as your pet minder.

The services you can book online are:

  • Home visits (30 minutes)

  • Home visits (1 hour)

  • Dog walking (30 minutes)

  • Dog walking (1 hour)

  • Pet sitting

  • Pet transport

Booking online is a quick 3-step process:

  1. Select the pet service you need and the available date and time. If you need multiple services like pet sitting and walking, please select one time slot first for pet sitting, then book a 30 minute or 1 hour walk.

  2. Fill out your details, then proceed to the payment section (card payments only).

  3. Once I have received your booking confirmation, I'll be in touch before your pet service to connect, explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

It's as easy as that!

I'd love to look after your pets during 2023

As a qualified, fully insured pet minder with over 10 years of experience (and lots of happy customers), I'd love to be your trusted pet minder during 2023.

Any time you need a holiday, a night away, or even help to walk your dog during the day if you're too busy, please book a pet minding service online.

Here's a reminder of all my services.

Please remember, if we haven't met earlier, book a meet and greet session so we can see how your fur baby and myself interact. I love animals and wouldn't want your pet to feel uneasy and stressed out at any stage.

Until next time, pat your fur babies for me!


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