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Dog Boarding Glen Iris

🐾 Dog Sitting vs. Dog Boarding: What's Best for Your Furry Friend? 🐾

Hey pet lovers! Ever wonder what's better for your pup when you're away - Dog Sitting or Dog Boarding? Let's dive in and find out!

🏡 Dog Sitting: Your Pooch's Staycation! 🏡

  • Familiar Comfort: Your dog stays in its own home - super comfy, right? They get to snooze in their favorite spot, play with their own toys, and rule their own kingdom. Less stress, more tail wags!

  • No 'Ruff' Encounters: Some dogs just don't play well with others. Dog sitting means no unexpected tiffs with other furry guests. Peace of mind for you, peace for your pooch!

  • Home Sweet Home: I'll keep an eye on your house too. It's like having a pet sitter and a house sitter rolled into one. Talk about a win-win!

🏠 Dog Boarding: Your Dog's Fun Sleepover! 🏠

  • Round-the-Clock Fun: Dog boarding offers tons of attention and care, even though I might step out to see other pets.

  • Cosy and Cuddly: Your dog will have a blast at my place! They'll get warm beds, exciting yard adventures, and lots of love and cuddles.

  • Daily Updates: Expect adorable pics of your pup having the time of their life!


💰 Costs and Other Critters 💰

  • Pricing: Dog boarding is $70 per night or day. Need a longer stay? Let's talk custom quotes!

  • Not Just Dogs: I've got a decade of experience with all kinds of pets, from cats to guinea pigs. Let's chat about your unique pet needs.

🐕 Extra Services for Extra Fun! 🐕

  • Need a Walk? I offer dog walking around Glen Iris. Parks, quick strolls, you name it.

  • Pet Taxi: Vet appointments? Grooming sessions? I've got the transport covered.

  • House Sitting: Going away? I'll make sure your house is as well-cared for as your pets.

💌 Stay Updated with Dog Boarding 💌

  • Regular Updates: You'll get cute photos and important updates about your dog's boarding adventures.

🌟 Why Choose My Dog Boarding? 🌟

  • Personal Touch: Unlike bigger boarding places, I offer a cozy, home environment with closer attention.

  • Professional Care: I'm not just doing this as a hobby. With full insurance, training, and loads of experience, your dog is in safe, professional hands.

🤗 Meet Fiona - Your Pet's Best Friend! 🤗

  • Accredited and Insured: With over 10 years of experience and all the right certifications, I'm your go-to for pet care in Glen Iris. Your dog's happiness and safety are my top priority!

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