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Dog Boarding Glen Iris

Advantages of Dog Boarding

  • Company of other pet(s) 24/7

  • Frequent check-ins

  • No confinement to cages or kennels

  • Daily walking

  • Peace of mind

  • More attention - only one or two other dogs under care

  • Fun activities with toys 

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Dog Sitting vs. Dog Boarding

Generally it is better to have your dog in a familiar environment (i.e. your home). This way, they do not have to get used to another place, even if it is friendly for dogs. Having familiar resting spots, toys, and territory helps to reduce their anxiety and stress levels.

In addition, having your dog in their home environment avoids the risk of your dog not getting along with other dogs. As friendly as Hope is, not all dogs get along well with her!


Another benefit of dog sitting is that I can look after your house while visiting. Tasks such as 

If you want me to visit your home instead of providing dog boarding, check out my dog sitting services.

By contrast, dog boarding is great if you want round-the-clock attention. As a disclaimer, I won't be around all the time as I need to visit other clients' homes for pet sitting, but you can be sure that I will be checking in for most of each day.

Dog Boarding Details

As part of the dog boarding service, I accept one or two dogs to stay with me and Hope. When your dog visits my home, I will:

  • Keep them warm and cozy in my home

  • Letting them roam the yard and take them for a walk

  • Ensure your dog is properly nourished with food & water

  • Play with your dog and give them lots of cuddles

  • Clean up their droppings and provide other basic care

  • Take happy snaps to update you, and report any concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for dog boarding?

Dog boarding is charged per night or day. Each is $70 (i.e. $140 per day). If you want dog boarding for longer periods, please contact me for a custom quote!

Do you care for pets other than dogs?

Of course! In my 10 years of pet sitting experience, I have cared for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, and birds. If you have an unusual pet, let's have a chat about your pet’s needs. In most cases, caring for your pet would be more appropriate in your home, but do let me know if you prefer them to stay with me.

What other services do you offer?

Does your dog need to stretch their legs outside while you are away? I offer dog walking in and around Glen Iris. Your pet can visit their favourite neighbourhood park or just enjoy a quick stroll to use the "bathroom."

If your dog has a vet or grooming appointment, I can provide pet transport to and from the venue. I have even driven dogs to a wedding!

If you someone to look after your home, check out my house sitting packages. I will make sure that ​your house is maintained while you are away.

Will I receive updates during dog boarding?

Absolutely! Nothing is better than seeing a photo of your dog feeling loved and happy while you are on holiday. I will send regular updates so you know what your pets were up to. In addition, I can notify you of important updates should they arise.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out with a phone call or email! I can’t wait to meet your beautiful dog!

What's different about your dog boarding?

Most dog boarding businesses will allow many dogs to roam in a space with numerous other dogs. This is great for some, but if you want closer attention in a home environment, I'm the person for the job!

By contrast, there are dog boarding providers who do so as a hobby. Again, this is fine for some, but if you want someone who is accountable, professional, and trained to handle emergencies - it's best to use someone with the right accreditations. As mentioned, I am fully insured and trained to look after your dog. But don't take my word for it - feel free to check out my reviews for some of my happy dog sitting clients!

Who is Fiona?

I am an accredited and insured pet minder. I provide dog boarding in Glen Iris and other related pet services. When you need someone to look after your dog while you’re on vacation, I'm only a click away!

When you hire me for dog boarding, you can put aside any worries about your dog during the day. I have been dog sitting for over 10 years and am fully insured to care for your dog. Throughout my career, I have earned my First Aid and CPR certificates, as well as a Certificate III in Companion Animal Services.

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