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🐾 Pet Sitting Glen Iris Inclusions 🐾

🏡 When I Visit Your Fur-Family:

  • Feast Time: I'll pamper your pets with their favorite meals and ensure they always have fresh water. A content pet is a happy pet!

  • Play and Cuddles: Engaging playtime and endless cuddles are on the agenda. Plus, you'll get adorable snapshots to see their fun moments!

  • Cleanliness Patrol: No smelly surprises for you! I'll handle any clean-up, keeping your home fresh and tidy.


🌿 Optional Extras - House Sitting 🌿

🏠 Home Care Services:

  • Garden Oasis: Your plants and garden will be lovingly watered and tended to.

  • Mail Management: I'll keep your mailbox tidy by collecting your mail regularly.

  • Trash Duty: Let me handle the rubbish removal so you can come back to a clean, welcoming home.


💰 How Do You Charge for Pet Sitting? 💰

💵 Flexible Visits for Every Need:

  • Choose from 30 or 60-minute visits, tailored to suit your pets' routines. Rates are based on the time spent making sure your pets and home are well-cared for.

  • Need more time? Reach out to discuss your specific requirements!

🐕‍🦺 What Animals Do You Provide Pet Sitting For? 🐰

🐾 All Creatures Great and Small:

  • From playful puppies and cuddly kittens to the smallest of guinea pigs and the chirpiest birds, I've got over a decade of experience in caring for a variety of pets.

  • Got an exotic or unusual pet? Let's chat about how I can best meet your unique pet sitting needs.


🚶‍♀️ What Other Pet Services Do You Offer? 🐾

🐶 Beyond Sitting - Additional Pet Care:

  • Dog Walking: A breath of fresh air and exercise for your canine companions around Glen Iris's lovely parks or just a neighborhood stroll.

  • Pet Transport: Safe and comfortable transport for your pets' vet or grooming appointments.

  • House Sitting: Extended care for your pets and home, including mail collection, plant watering, and house tidiness.

📸 What Updates Will You Provide? 📸

💌 Stay Connected with Your Pets:

  • Receive heartwarming updates and photos during my visits, so you're always in the loop about your pet's adventures and wellbeing.

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