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House Sitting Glen Iris

House Sitting Glen Iris - About Fiona

If you are going away on an overnight trip or vacation, you can count on me to check in on your pets and keep your house tidy. I will do the following tasks during my house-sitting visit.

  • Feed your pet(s), ensuring they are properly nourished. I will also top up their water bowls for a refreshing drink!

  • Comfort your pets in your absence, letting them know that they are still loved and cared for. I'll also be their playmate while you are away!

  • Pick up their droppings and/or change kitty litter...

  • The jobs that most people dislike!

  • Water the garden and houseplants.

  • I'll keep them green and vibrant while you are away!

  • Bring in your mail, newspapers, and packages.

  • This will keep the front area neat and tidy, as well as warding off would-be robbers!

  • Take out rubbish bins - all part of the service!

  • Send you updates about your pets, so you can fully enjoy your holiday knowing your pets and house are being cared for!

Overnight House Sitting in Glen Iris & Surrounding Suburbs

If required, I can stay overnight with your pets so they do not have to spend the evening alone. This way, they will be promptly fed their meals at their usual schedules. All of these house sitting services (and any additional needs) can be discussed during our initial meet & greet.

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Frequently Asked Questions: House Sitting

Do you have house sitting qualifications?

Throughout my 10 years as a house sitter and providing house sitting, I have earned the following certifications:

  • Companion Animal Services (Cert III)

  • First Aid

  • CPR

I am fully insured to look after your pets when you go away. If there is any sort of emergency while you are gone, I can handle it and will send you an update as soon as possible.

What type of pets do you have experience with house sitting?

In my 10 years of experience house sitting, I have looked after dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, and birds. I am comfortable looking after any unusual pets or pets with specific dietary or medical needs. Do not be afraid to reach out because your animal is unique!

Why can't I just hire casual house sitting from Gumtree?

You're of course welcome to hire anyone you like! The main difference with working with me (Fiona) is that I provide professional house sitting. This means three main differences:

1. I treat my clients, their home, and pets with respect. I take my job seriously, because this is how I make my living!

2. I have the necessary qualifications to handle emergencies. Should anything happen to your pet(s) while you are away, casual house sitting providers will not be equipped to handle the situation!

3. You get what you pay for. Yes, I charge more than other casual house sitting services. For that extra investment, you will have someone who you can rely on. I have gone the extra mile by investing in my own education. In addition, I am fully insured. This means that if anything goes wrong, that all parties will be covered.

How do I book Fiona for house sitting?

It's super easy! Simply click here, and we'll arrange a meet & greet in or near Glen Iris!

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