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7 Fun Mother’s Day gifts for dog mums

Because fur babies want to spoil their mum too

Happy Mother’s Day!

As all fur mums know, a baby doesn’t have to have 2 legs and talk to give you unconditional love. Fur babies are a huge part of our lives, and you’re their whole world.

How amazing is it when you get home from a long day to be greeted with a waggy tail and slobbery kisses? Your fur baby thinks you’re the best mum in the entire world and wants to spend every minute they can with you.

As a dog mum, you invest a lot of time, energy and love into your beloved pooch, so when it comes to Mother’s Day, I’m sure they’d love to give back to you.

Here are some ideas for gifts for dog mums this Mother’s Day.

Top 7 gift ideas for the dog mum in your life this Mother’s Day

If you’re looking to spoil the dog mum in your life this Mother’s Day, here are some cute and fun ideas to check out:

1. Pet portraits

Pet portraits are all the rage right now. It’s as easy as sending the artist a photo of your fur baby, selecting the style of portrait you want, and getting it delivered to your door. Multiple companies offer this:

2. Dog socks

There’s nothing cuter than looking down to see your dog’s face on a pair of socks. They’re guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any dog mum.

3. Wine glasses

A mum can never have too many wine glasses! Buy her a personalised wine glass, perfect for relaxing on the couch for cuddles after a long day.

4. Matching outfits

Step out in twinning style with a matching dog/mum outfit and show everyone how much you mean to each other. Yes, it’s totally cool and very stylish!

5. Dog lover candles

Candles are a traditional Mother’s Day gift, and you can never have enough scented candles around. They’re great for covering those ‘doggy’ smells.

6. Dog mum jewellery

The next level up to matching best friend necklaces is giving the dog mum in your life a matching chain with her beloved fur baby.

7. Dog mum mugs

Morning coffee tastes so much better when you’re drinking it from an adorable doggy mug, personalised with the names of your fur babies.

Is your fur baby a mum too?

As we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, we must celebrate all the dogs in our lives who may also be mum’s. Whether they still have their litter with them or they’ve gone to their own forever families, your dog mumma deserves a bit of love too.

From the moment a puppy enters the world, their mum tends to them – licking and cleaning them to encourage them to breathe and nurse from her. As her puppies suckle, she wraps around them, keeping them warm and protected from strangers.

As her babies grow, she teaches them about the world, barking at them when they’re a little naughty, and showing them how to behave, feed and find their way around certain situations.

And her love is unconditional. A dog mum will pine for her lost litter as they leave her side to start their new lives. But as a new litter arrives, she loves and cares for them as much as she did the last.

So, this Mother’s Day, don’t forget a few added treats or presents for your mumma dog.

Are you planning a getaway and need a pet sitter?

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And if you’ve got any other ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

Until next time, pat your fur babies for me.


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