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Here is what I am doing to keep safe.


  • At your home I will sanitise hands before entering and after visiting

  • At my home, hand sanitiser is available at front door before entering and leaving

  • At my home doors, windows are open when suitable to let air flow in

  • After patting pets

  • Wear a face mask inside your home and out in public


  • Keys, door handles, light switches, benches, taps, dog leads, any thing that is touched to be wiped down

Physical Distancing:

  • At Client home keep 1.5 meters apart

  • My home keep 1.5 meters apart

  • In public keep 1.5 meters apart

Record keeping:

  • I have a attendance register for clients to sign coming into my home

  • I will keep track on homes I’ve visited

My response to a suspected or confirmed COVID 19 case:

  • Organise Professional Cleaners to come clean/ disinfect my premises

  • Contact close clients/ contacts of out break

  • Help assist DHHS with contact tracing to provide records

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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