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Common questions about dog walking

As a professional dog walker, I get questions all the time from pet parents about the best way to care for their dog. In this article I will cover the most common questions about dog walking. In addition, I will provide some tips about what to do when hiring a professional dog walker. After all, in today’s busy culture, it can be challenging to do it yourself all the time!

Common questions about dog walking #1: What are your best tips for taking my dog for a walk?

If you want to get good exercise and spend some quality time with your dog, there are some tips and tricks that will help you both to have a more fun experience.

Bringing treats is a great way to tempt your dog back if they are distracted or difficult to call back. Reserve a special word like “treat!” that signals what’s in it for them to return. By repeating this over numerous occasions, you will have a reliable way of retrieving your pet. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t overdo this if you want your pet to be treat-wise!

If you bring a special toy that’s reserved for the park, it will make the experience all the better. Since dogs like to take other dogs’ tennis balls, this trick will help you to prevent embarrassing and unintentional doggy theft!

Finally, don’t forget to bring TWO plastic bags for picking up your pet’s faeces, just in case they need to go more than once. This will help prevent you being the target of judging and glaring looks from other pet owners!

Common questions about dog walking #2: How often should you walk your dog?

All dogs come in different shapes and sizes. They all have different energy levels and personalities. So how can we answer the question “How often should you walk your dog?”

As a professional dog walker, I would suggest that you should walk your dog as often as you can. It helps them to keep fit and healthy. Generally, larger dogs require this more often than little ones. If the space you are keeping them is relatively enclosed, this becomes critical for their mental and physical wellbeing. So, if your dog is large and living in a small space, walk them at least once daily.

Common questions about dog walking #3: What are the benefits of dog walking?

Dog walking is a great social activity for you and your furry family member! By interacting with other dog owners, your dog will have an opportunity to socialise with other canines. As a result, they will have a better temperament and all-round happier!

This is especially true if your dog is allowed off lead. This way, they can explore the environment, be playful, and just have a good time running around! From experience, they may even like to play in a creek on a nice, warm day! Just make sure that you observe the local laws and rules for dogs on leashes.

Tips for hiring a professional dog walker

With pet parents working long hours, it can be hard to find the time to walk regularly. That’s why hiring a professional dog walker can be handy. They will come over to your house once, twice or three times a week to help break up the day for your pet.

This is especially important in autumn and winter. With cold weather, it’s important to keep up the exercise for your furry friend. This will ensure that their circulation is good, and that their muscles are being put to good use. If you are concerned that they will be cold during the walk, consider purchasing appropriate dog clothing to supplement their warm fur coats!

What to tell your professional dog walker

When hiring a professional dog walker, make sure you provide as much information as you can about your pet’s behaviour. For example, let them know whether your dog is better on or off lead. If the dog walker knows what to expect on a typical walk with your pet specifically, it will help make the experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Another important piece of information to tell your dog walker is how your pet behaves around other dogs. If there is any history of aggressive or anxious behaviour, this will help the professional to anticipate and avoid potentially harmful situations.

Similarly, if your dog is nervous around strangers or children, be sure to let the dog walker know. It’s almost a given that other people will cross the path of your pet, and this information will help your dog walker prevent unwanted encounters.


When taking your dog for a walk, bring treats, a special toy, and two plastic bags. If you have a big dog, walk them daily to keep them healthy and happy. Dog walking is a great way to increase their fitness and happiness.

Finally, when hiring a professional dog walker, make sure you let them know in detail about your pet’s behaviour and tendencies.

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