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How do I find a good pet sitter?

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Finding the right pet sitter for your dog/cat/pet can be challenging! There are so many providers on the market. Most provide pet sitting services as a hobby, and therefore charge very little. Formal pet sitters will charge more, but is it worth the extra investment? Today I'm going to share a few tips for you to consider when finding and choosing a good pet sitter!

1. Check their credentials

Loving animals is important, but having the credentials to back it up is another whole level. A good pet sitter will back up their passion with action, investing in their own development to make sure they are giving the best care possible. Certification means that the pet sitter will know how to interpret your pet's behaviour. This means if they are anxious, lonely, or need something specific, that your pet sitter will pick up on those signals and attend to them. Furthermore, having the right credentials will mean that the good pet sitter has knowledge about animal nutrition and health. Therefore, they can give you expert advice on how best to feed your pet. If there is anything wrong with your loved one's health, a certified professional pet sitter will know!

Another certification to look for is animal first aid and CPR. In the event of an emergency, it would be enormously reassuring to know that your pet sitter knows what to do. This training could literraly be the difference between life and death! When looking for a good pet sitter, make sure that they have these certifications.

2. Look at their reviews

How many positive ratings does a good pet sitter have? Of course, the more the better! Check out third party sites like,, or to find a host of potentially good pet sitters. See what verified customers have said about the carer, and how many clients they have looked after. Is the person dependable? Are they Compassionate? The length of service isn't everything, but it certainly counts. If your pet sitter has been in business for a long time, it is an indication that they are a good pet sitter. See how many years they have been operating their business. Further, check how many clients have given feedback per year to get an idea of how busy they are and if they are a good pet sitter!

3. Read what the service includes

Make sure you fully understand what you are getting for your money. Having a warm body to keep your furry family member company may be nice, but it's not enough to constitute a good pet sitter. What will they actually do when they visit your home? How long will they stay for? Dog walking services usually cost extra, but it would mean keeping your pet healthier and happier while you are away.  In addition, check to see if they are willing to keep your house in order while you are away. Simple actions like collecting the mail and putting bins out/in can prevent nasty surprises on your return. Further, it can even thwart burglary! These simple little actions can make a big difference to your peace of mind.

Conclusion: How do I find a good pet sitter?

Finding a good pet sitter for your furry family member should not be taken lightly. You are entrusting this individual with the safety of your pet, and entry into your home. A good pet sitter will have the right credentials. They will have lots of positive reviews on third party websites. Finally, they will have a comprehensive service that looks after the house as well as your pet. If you're in or near Glen Iris, feel free to book me to look after your loved one!

Fiona's Pet Services gives people peace of mind with their pets. We provide pet sitting, dog sitting, house sitting, and dog walking in Glen Iris and surrounding suburbs.

Blog edited by Ben Lai from Sales Ethos, Business Coach Melbourne


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