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Why use a house sitter?

When you're going on holidays, nothing will ruin the mood more than constantly worrying about what might be happening to your home! Furthermore, if you have a pet, you'll need someone to check on your house at least daily to ensure they are fed and not too lonely. If this isn't convincing enough, here are 5 reasons you need a house sitter for your holiday:

Why you need a house sitter reason #1: It keeps burglars away

House burglars are constantly on the lookout for signals that a home is unattended. If they see that the mail hasn't been collected for several days, this can tell them that it's safe to burgle the house. A house sitter will ensure that the mail is collected regularly so this isn't a giveaway!

Another sign burglars will look for is blinds/curtains that are never opened. Your house sitter should keep in mind alternating these as a signal that there are people home (even if there isn't!).

Why you need a house sitter reason #2: It keeps your pet happy!

Your pet needs company! That means that whoever is looking after your house (preferably a house sitter!) will need to spend some quality time with your furry (or scaly) family member. Furthermore, having a professional pet sitter will ensure that if anything goes wrong, that they can be attended to immediately.

Why you need a house sitter reason #3: Your garden needs water!

Depending on the season, your plants may dry up quickly if not tended to daily. Having a professional house sitter will ensure that when you return from your holiday, you won't have a plant graveyard to attend to!

Why you need a house sitter reason #4: It's troublesome to ask friends and family!

Many people can find a family member or friend to fulfil these tasks, but it can be embarrassing to ask! They lead busy lives themselves, and you'll owe them a lot of brownie points if they do you this favour! They'll need to spend considerable time at your home to ensure your pet is fed, played with, and that the house is in good order. If you can find someone who is willing to commit this sort of time looking after your place, then you are very fortunate!

Why you need a house sitter reason #5: Professionals do it all the time

Like we discussed before, it's fine to use friends or family if you have someone who can care for your place. Most of the time this will be fine! However, it is worth hiring a professional house sitter because they do it for a living. They look after other people's homes all the time, and will know exactly how to make their clients happy when they return. Furthermore, if they provide regular updates, this can give you that extra peace of mind while you are on your holiday.


When you are on holidays, it helps to know that you have someone who is professional and reliable to look after your house and pets. Not only will they maintain the place, but they will also deter burglars. Finally, it helps to have a professional because they are good at what they do, and are more accountable as a result. No more stacking up favours with your friends or family!

Fiona's Pet Services gives people peace of mind with their pets. We provide pet sitting, dog sitting, house sitting, and dog walking in Glen Iris and surrounding suburbs.

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Blog edited by Ben Lai from Sales Ethos, Business Coach Melbourne


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