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5 Dog Walking Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in Australia

Dog walking is a great way to bond with your pet. You can mutually benefit from the sunshine and exercise! That said, there are certain rules and facts to be aware of if you want to walk your pet in Australia safely. Without further ado, here are 5 dog walking tips to keep your pet safe in Australia!

Dog Walking Tip #1: Use a harness

For dogs that constantly pull on the leash, you may want to consider using a harness. Constant pulling on dog collars may cause injury to your pet’s neck. Consequently, using a dog walking harness will distribute the stress of pulling onto less sensitive parts of their body.

Alternatively, you can train your dog to walk alongside you. This approach requires more patience, and you may need to attend dog training classes to learn how to do this effectively. Some breeds will have an easier time sticking to this kind of training. However, others will frequently give in to their curious or enthusiastic nature and pull.

Dog Walking Tip #2: Pick up your dog’s poop

In many councils within Australia, it’s actually illegal to leave your pet’s excrement on nature strips, parks, and gardens. Fines of $200 may be charged to dog parents who fail to consider others’ enjoyment of public space. While your pet’s poo will break down over time, it leaves an unsightly and foul smelling presence. It’s just plainly the decent thing to do!

Consider bringing several plastic bags & disposable gloves for each trip. After all, your pet may have more than one “package” to unload as a result of the exercise!

By the way, please don’t be one of those people who leave your dog’s poop on the pavement!

Dog Walking Tip #3: Take note of leash-free zones

Once again, Australian council rules on leash-free zones is very specific on where you can let your pet off the leash. This is critically important in areas where small children play. If your pet frightens or (God forbid) attacks a child, you will be liable for all related damages. After all, you wouldn’t want that on your conscience, would you?

Dog Walking Tip #4: Make sure your dog has proper identification

Accidents happen. Equipment fails. On rare occasions, your leash may detach from your pet’s collar or harness. When this happens, chasing after your dog may prove how much faster they can run than we can!

Make sure your dog has a name tag with your phone number on it. This way, if anyone picks up your pet, they can immediately contact you instead of bringing them to the nearest RSPCA. In addition, make sure that this name tag is securely fastened to the collar. Cheap quality tags can easily break off, so make sure you invest in a high-quality name tag to prevent disappointment!

As a backup, consider bringing dog treats on your walks. This is an easy way to bribe them to return to you. If done frequently enough, you should be able to command their attention easily and predictably.

Dog Walking Tip #5: Ask before approaching other dogs

Dogs like humans are social creatures. They like smelling each other in unusual places (unlike humans, thankfully!), which is their way of saying “hello” to each other! Unfortunately, not every pet parent will appreciate you approaching their furry family member without permission. If their dog happens to be anxious or aggressive around others, a friendly visit could be a recipe for trouble!

This is why you must ask for permission from the other dog owner if it’s okay to approach. They will let you know if their dog has any of the above tendencies. It’s the easiest way to avoid unpleasant confrontations!


When taking your dog for a walk in Australia, be aware of the rules. Firstly, use a harness. Secondly, pick up your dog’s poop. Take special notice of leash-free zones to avoid problems. Make sure your dog’s name tag is of high-quality and has your details engraved. Finally, always ask owners before approaching other dogs.

What are your dog walking tips for Australia? Feel free to share in a comment below!

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